L’énergie douce du quartz rose
Pierre semi-précieuse

The smooth energy of rose quartz

A stone of love, quartz definitely embodies softness and tenderness.
L'intemporelle turquoise

The timeless turquoise

Birthstone of December, turquoise is associated with protection, royalty, and positivity.
Douce, douce perle

Sweet, sweet pearl!

Associated with softness, tenderness and femininity, the pearl provides calm and well-being. This symbol of love is recognized for its aphrodisiac virtues and its positive effects on fertility.
Labradorite, pierre semi-précieuse.
Pierre semi-précieuse

Labradorite, a protection stone

Discovered in Canada in the region of Labrador, this stone reminds us of the aurora borealis which illuminate the sky.
Onyx, pierre semi-précieuse.
Pierre semi-précieuse

Intriguing onyx

The deep black of this stone reminds us of the calm and stillness of the night. A stone of stability, onyx helps improve confidence and self-control.
Pierre de lune, pierre semi-précieuse.
Pierre semi-précieuse

Moonstone : love stone

Moonstone is one of our favorite semi-precious stones. It is not surprising to learn that this stone is often used in the making of jewelry...